Faith And Freedom Coalition Pledges Support To Trump

Legal fines and penalties, which former President Donald Trump asserts were imposed to thwart his reelection campaign, seemingly provide Democrats a significant financial advantage in the coming election.

According to reports, Trump recently complied with an order to post a $92 million bond in connection with the E. Jean Carroll defamation suit and has been ordered to post a $454 million bond for his civil fraud case.

However, Trump is rebounding by securing new avenues of support. Last Saturday, Forbes reported that the former president has secured the backing of billionaires Lize and Dick Uihlein.

On Monday, Politico reported that the Evangelical group Faith and Freedom Coalition, has pledged $62 million to support Trump’s reelection bid. Their efforts include registering 1 million new voters and encouraging 5.8 million “low-turnout voters” to cast their ballots in November.

Faith and Freedom will reportedly distribute more than 30 million pieces of literature in targeted key battleground states.

Faith and Freedom Director Ralph Reed said of the initiative, “In terms of home visits and voters reached at the door, to my knowledge, it’s the largest effort on the right outside of the Republican National Committee ever.”

Reed argues that supporting Trump is the right choice as he “was the most pro-life, pro-Israel and pro-religious freedom president” and is worthy of our support.

Reed and Trump are aware that Democrats have consistently outspent Republicans in recent elections. Of the trend, Trump said: “In this business, you’re paid to worry, and we certainly have seen in recent cycles — particularly in the statewide races and especially the Senate races — we’ve seen the spending gap become overwhelming, serious and debilitating.”

A PJ Media opinion piece was critical of Faith and Freedom’s commitment to supporting Trump and other Republican candidates this election cycle.

Politico also appeared to reflect bias against Faith and Freedom’s decision to support Trump, reporting that Reed’s financial investment “underscores the degree to which the white evangelical community has allied itself with Trump, even as he…faces a trial regarding making hush money payments” to former adult actress Stormy Daniels.

In addition to receiving support from Reed’s Faith and Freedom organization, two other super PACS have signaled they will likely support Trump by providing tens of millions in donations.

The conservative group, Club for Growth, may also become a financial ally. Trump reportedly met with the organization’s president, David McIntosh, last week.