DeSantis’ Boots Draw Attention As He’s Accused Of Sporting Lifts

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has hit yet another snag in his efforts to win the presidency in 2024, as observers have been widely speculating about the construction — and purpose — of the boots he’s been wearing around — with many suggesting that they are hiding a mechanism to increase his height.

When DeSantis appeared on the “PBD Podcast,” host Patrick Bet-David teased him about wearing cowboy boots with suspected hidden heels that make him look taller. Bet-David even offered DeSantis a swanky pair of Ferragamo shoes as a replacement, which DeSantis turned down, stating he does not take gifts.

The whispers about his footwear first started after his guest spot on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” People on social media began talking about his boots, wondering if they hid something that gave him a little extra height. This chatter grew louder when former President Donald Trump posted a meme about it.

Now, everyone’s talking about the governor’s boots. They’re zooming in on photos and videos, trying to figure out if DeSantis is indeed adding inches to his height with his boots. A top boot designer even chimed in, convinced that DeSantis is wearing lifts.

It might seem odd to talk about a politician’s shoes instead of what he’s done or plans to do. But, in the world of politics, being taller can sometimes help you win votes; so, maybe DeSantis is thinking about this reality as he laces up his footwear in the morning.

The big fuss over DeSantis’ boots shows how looks can get more attention than a candidate’s ideas or what they stand for. In these times, when quick, catchy clips on social media are a big deal, it’s easier for a pair of boots to become famous than a serious plan for running the government.

This shoe saga sets DeSantis apart from Trump, who knows how to use social media to win support and manage his presentation. As DeSantis looks to strengthen his image for the upcoming election, he might pick up a few pointers from Trump on making the most of the media spotlight — and, if there aren’t lifts in there, it may help to change into a pair of dress shoes.