Cities Consider Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Live In Private Residences

As the immigration crisis continues to cause concern for lawmakers and citizens alike, some liberal cities are looking into allowing illegal immigrants to be housed in private residences.

Immigration has been a hot button issue for many months, making it a top priority issue for voters ahead of the November 2024 presidential election. The two likely candidates, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, have vastly different approaches to border policies.

Trump racked up the controversy surrounding his leadership with his promises to “build a wall” at the southern border, intending to crack down on the waves of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States and the subsequent surge in crime and drought of resources.

Biden has approached the issue with an equally controversial “open border” policy that welcomes illegal immigrants—including criminals—with open arms, investing huge sums to fund their food and housing. Certain liberal cities have followed this example, even to the point of suggesting that immigrants should be housed in private residences.

Earlier this month, the city of Denver asked those who owned rental properties in the area to rent their homes to illegal immigrants. The request followed the city’s actions to limit its own resources donated to illegal immigrants, which had built up to a budget deficit of almost $60 million.

Similarly, a proposal put out in Naperville, Illinois, sought to encourage residents to offer their homes to illegal immigrant families without charge. But the City Council rejected it on the grounds that it would need the approval of either state or federal leadership.

Both Michigan and Massachusetts have likewise launched such initiatives, with the Bay State’s Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll (D-MA) having urged residents who had extra space in their own homes to offer a “helping hand” to illegal immigrants without shelter. This suggestion was backed by Gov. Maura Healey (D-MA).

Michigan also asked for volunteers to provide support for illegal immigrants for a minimum of 90 days, including picking them up from airports, setting up housing, school enrollment and employment assistance.

One of the most notorious cities in the immigration discussion is New York City, whose mayor, Eric Adams, has stirred up significant backlash for his desire to house illegal immigrants in private residences. In June 2023, he suggested that illegal immigrants be granted a place to stay among churches and residences.

At the time, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) criticized the proposal as “outrageous.” She emphasized that the city was already struggling with both housing and affordability issues for legal, tax paying citizens and blasted the idea of taking those taxes to allow illegal immigrants to “live rent free.”