Chicago Homeowner Uses Frying Pan To Fend Off Intruder, Captured On Camera

In a dramatic incident caught on security video, a Chicago man defended his home from an intruder using an unlikely weapon—a large frying pan. Jason Williams, alerted by his security app about a potential break-in, rushed home to find an intruder inside.

Williams, 45, grabbed the nearest object, a frying pan, to confront the intruder. He chased the man out of his house on West Parker Avenue, swinging the pan as the intruder fled. Surveillance footage shows the intruder running out the front door, jumping over steps, with Williams in hot pursuit.

The police arrived shortly after and arrested the suspect, a 33-year-old man, who was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment. He was in good condition. Williams declined medical treatment but chose to press charges against the intruder.

Williams shared his experience on social media, posting, “I just caught a f—ing burglar in my house. Holy s—. Almost killed him, hit him with a frying pan! Got him!!!” He included a photo of the dented frying pan and another of the intruder being loaded into an ambulance.

“Here’s the guy that tried to burglar me. He’s lucky the cops came. I was putting a good beating on him… he owes me a new frying pan!” Williams added. In a humorous twist, he suggested adding a “Keystone cops theme” to the surveillance video.

Chicago sees over 100,000 robberies and burglaries each year, according to the Law and Crime Network, highlighting the risks residents face and the lengths they will go to protect their homes.