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Atlantic Calls For ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ After Two Years Of Peddling Propaganda

Remember when people were demonized for the past two-plus years for the crime of suggesting that humans should be allowed to live freely and...

Twitter Reminds The Peasants: ‘It Takes Time To Count The Votes’

Big Brother Twitter is here to remind you that you should not expect to know the results of an election the day it happens! The...

What If Judge’s Ballot Drop Box Ruling Happened Before 2020 Election?

An Arizona judge ruled in favor of an election integrity group, allowing them to continue monitoring local ballot drop boxes. Democrats have been outraged...

NBC News Walks Back Report Of Third Person Inside Pelosi Home During Attack

NBC News walked back a report that a third person was inside Paul Pelosi’s San Francisco home during the attack. “The SFPD also says that...

Joe Biden Thinks There Are 54 States?

As the midterm elections wrap up, Democrats are pulling out all stops to try to win. Thus far, it is not looking good. Polling...

Texas Wife Faces Nightmare Response During 911 Call

A Texas woman has come forward with her story about the nightmare response she received from Austin’s emergency responders on the day her husband...