BLM Leader Links Swifties, Chiefs Super Bowl Win To Racism

A co-founder of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Los Angeles has attracted national attention for labeling “Swifties” as racist, along with smearing the recent Super Bowl win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In addition to helping launch BLM in California’s City of Angels, Melina Abdullah is a professor of Pan-African studies at Cal State University.

Beginning on Feb. 11, the same day that the Chiefs won the 58th Super Bowl, Abdullah posted on her X account multiple messages indicating her belief that the fans of wildly popular musician Taylor Swift are “racist.”

She wrote on her social media page that she “feel[s] like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan.”

When prompted to give a reason for her assertion, Abdullah emphasized her word choice of “feel, not think” and likened her emotion to “that feeling” she experiences if “there are too many American flags.”

Swift’s name has been almost inseparable from that of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, whom she has been dating for the past several months. After the Kansas City team claimed the highest title in the NFL, Abdullah posted yet again, this time referring to the Super Bowl win as “some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy.”

The professor backed her stance by saying she is not “offended” when people call her out for spreading such wild claims online, writing that “virtually everything is racist.”

Previously, Abdullah has publicly expressed numerous controversial messages, such as telling White people not to come to Juneteenth cookouts, including a June 2022 post on X that called for “reparations” to be made by “white folks” on the same day.

In another notable instance that took place in December 2021, the professor voiced support for actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of faking a hate crime three years ago. He was found guilty days after Abdullah defended his innocence via the BLM website.

Following her latest outcry against perceived racism, Abdullah has become the center of many discussions around the globe. Conservative media host Rita Panahi and journalist Kinsey Schofield talked about the incident on a recent segment of Sky News Australia.

Both women noted that the primary source of the professor’s accusations was her own emotion and the irony of linking Swift and Kelce — neither of whom are known to be conservative-minded individuals — to racist conspiracy theories.