Woman Arrested Following Self-Incriminating Facebook Comment

In a surprising turn of events, Marion Reyes, a 36-year-old woman with a record of seven DUI arrests, self-surrendered to the Las Vegas Metro police at the Clark County Detention Center on Friday. The decision came after Reyes responded to a news story shared on Facebook, where police had sought assistance in locating her, as reported by KLAS.

According to KLAS, a source familiar with the matter confirmed that Reyes surrendered herself Friday afternoon. The development came after a Facebook account bearing her name and photo engaged with a news story shared by the outlet.

The story, titled “Las Vegas police ask for help finding woman with 7 DUIs who cut off GPS bracelet,” caught the attention of Reyes, prompting her response. Denying any involvement in removing the GPS bracelet, the post exclaimed, “I never cut it off!!! An officer cut it off when I turned myself in.

They continued to release me.” The curious post garnered mixed reactions, ranging from reprimands to amusement. Amidst the discussion thread, another post from Reyes attempted to provide further details. However, the post’s incoherence left Facebook users struggling to comprehend its meaning.

“I tried reading this 6 times and still can’t make out your gibberish. Get em’ LVMPD Traffic!” expressed one user, reflecting the sentiments of many. Responding to the perplexing comment, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) offered a practical suggestion. “Then why not turn yourself in now? Let’s get this sorted out tonight.”

KLAS also reported that a judge had issued a bench warrant for Reyes’s arrest after she failed to appear for a hearing related to a felony DUI treatment program. Prior to this, Reyes had been previously ordered to self-surrender for other violations of the program, resulting in a two-day jail sentence.

They revealed that she had turned herself in after engaging with an intervention officer the previous night. KLAS provided comprehensive coverage of Reyes’s self-surrender, capturing the sequence of events following her Facebook comment.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case of Marion Reyes serves as a public reminder of the growing influence of social media in law enforcement and the unexpected consequences it can have on individuals entangled in legal trouble.