‘Transgender’ Activists Disrupted Proceedings At Texas State Capitol

“Transgender” activists disrupted proceedings at the Texas State Capitol over a bill banning gender surgeries from being performed on children.

The protesters were “advocates and parents of transgender kids,” numbered in the hundreds, and were eventually forced out of the House chamber by state police after disrupting proceedings with chants opposing Senate Bill 14.

According to The Texas Tribune, the protesters continued chanting in the lobby after state police escorted them out of the House gallery. Some protesters physically attacked police, leading to one individual’s arrest.

“One, two, three, four, trans folks deserve more,” protesters chanted as Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers ordered them to leave.

Once the gallery was cleared, the vote on the legislation was delayed because of a parliamentary concern that was raised. The bill will reportedly be back on the House floor soon.

“Transgender” activist Sofia Sepulveda, a biological man who disrupted the proceedings, was banned from the Capitol for a year. He was also banned for holding a banner inside the Capitol with the message “Let Trans Kids Grow Up.”

“We didn’t derail anything,” Sepulveda said. “This isn’t my first legislative session. I’ve never seen anybody getting banned for exercising their first amendment rights.”

After Capitol police cleared the gallery and the third floor of protesters, they cleared the second and the first. Minutes after, they led the protesters out of the building and to the south lawn of the Capitol.

The incident at the Texas Capitol is the most recent in several attempts by left-leaning protesters who favor gender-affirming care for minors to stop proceedings at state capitols across the U.S.

Recently, Montana riot police had to intervene when protesters caused a session of the state House to shut down when they showed up to oppose the censure of a “transgender” state lawmaker getting punished for telling Republicans in the chamber that they would have “blood” on their hands for supporting an “anti-transgender” bill.

A Republican co-sponsor of the Texas bill said protesters also showed up at the state Capitol to support its passage, but it wasn’t clear how many there were or if they were present at the gallery during the disruption.