Reality TV Star Fired For Sharing Her Conservative Opinions


Annemarie Wiley, who starred on the reality TV series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for one season, has reportedly been fired from her role due to the expression of her personal, conservative views.

The news broke with an announcement from the star last week, who shared that she was leaving the show because followers were not getting “the real” picture of her. Although she added that it was not her idea to leave, Wiley did not provide further details herself.

Per a lengthy post shared to Instagram on Thursday March 21, Wiley’s followers were told that she “got word” the same day that she would “not be returning to the show,” noting that “disappointed is an understatement” when it comes to her feelings about the decision. Wiley, a nurse anesthesiologist who is married to former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, explained in the statement that she had not auditioned for the show but was asked to join midway through the 2023 season.

Without specifying how, Wiley added that the show’s fans “never got to see the real me” and that significant life events were “taped but not shown” when she was still on the show. She also thanked those who supported her despite the misrepresentation of her on the screen.

Days later, on March 26, the Daily Mail published an exclusive article that featured intel from an unnamed source revealing that it was Wiley’s “polarizing views” about politics and the world that led to her firing. Scenes that were filmed but never shown to the public reportedly included many political arguments between Wiley and Crystal Kung-Minkoff, one of her co-stars.

The source explained that Kung-Minkoff was put off by Wiley, a Black woman, being “aligned with Trump.” Wiley was reportedly very open about her political views and “proud” to share her support of former president Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Wiley was further scrutinized following a social media post put out by her husband, who did not condemn gender confused individuals but blasted the ongoing trend of male athletes identifying as women, dominating women’s sporting competitions.

The source also revealed that another co-star, Garcelle Beauvais, expressed how “disgusted” she was to find out that Wiley is also a fan of conservative commentator Candace Owens, whom Beauvais described as a “political conspiracy theorist.”

Because of the off-screen tension, the show’s producers decided not to include these controversial arguments and disagreements in the scenes presented to the public. This led to cast members arguing that Wiley should not be on the show if producers refused to “let the audience see the real Annemarie,” according to the source.