Prosecutor’s Divorce Filings Unsealed Amid Affair With Fani Willis

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade, continue to make national headlines as Wade’s recent divorce case is brought to the surface for further investigation. The judge’s decision to unseal the documents comes after Mike Roman, a co-defendant of Trump, filed several allegations about Willis’ affair with Wade in relation to the Trump election fraud indictment. The affair took place during their team effort to prosecute Donald Trump for and may implicate the validity of the case.

Willis and Wade are accused of having an inappropriate relationship and using county funds for unapproved business trips. Roman alleged in his filings that Wade has “little to no prosecuting experience” and was appointed without proper approval, according to a report by Breitbart. He also revealed that the two met with the Biden Administration’s White House counsel prior to Trump’s indictment, bringing attention to the White House’s potential implication in the matter as well.

Recently released court papers on Wade’s divorce case included supporting evidence of the affair between Wade and Willis. Ex-wife Jocelyn Wade included multiple accounts of her ex-husband’s suspicious trips and transactions during the time period of the incriminating affair. Her lawyer wrote in the filings that Nathan Wade was “an intended travel partner” for many of the trips with Willis in question. San Francisco, Panama, and Australia are just a few trip locations, among many others.

Jocelyn provided bank statements to further back up her claims. Nathan Wade is accused of using over $600 thousand dollars on the vacations with Willis. She also pointed to the timing of their divorce. The divorce was shockingly filed the day after Nathan Wade was hired by Fani Willis as the lead prosecutor in the Trump indictment. He also had his divorce records sealed by the court managing the case.

Jocelyn’s attorney, Andrea Dyer Hastings stated in court documents that “Plaintiff [Nathan Wade] was appointed as a special prosecutor by Ms. Willis on November 1, 2021. Plaintiff filed for divorce on November 2, 2021. Defendant [Joycelyn Wade] was served by process server on November 3, 2021.”

The investigation of the Fani Willis and Nathan Wade affair continues to unravel, and Mike Roman says the act should be enough to get Trump’s criminal charges dropped altogether, Breitbart reported that the Georgia Senate is set to “authorize a subpoena-powered investigative committee to probe the alleged corruption of Willis,” in the upcoming week. This comes after Georgia Gov. Kemp previously denied investigating Willis.