Politico Reports Biden Presidential Challenger Has ‘Uncontrollable Rage’

A dozen former staffers have come forward to accuse Democratic presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson of abusive behavior, according to a report published by Politico.

Williamson, an American author, spiritual leader, and political activist is the first leftist to challenge President Biden for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2024.

Two weeks ago, Williamson began her campaign by attacking President Biden, which seems to have angered the political establishment. She stated that those in power do not have effective solutions or are not fully committed to them, while those who possess solutions lack the necessary power.

“The people who are in power do not have the solutions or do not deeply support the solutions, and people who do have the solutions do not have the power. Once again, let the people get in there; we’ll handle it from here,” said Williamson.

Then, on Tuesday, Politico published “Marianne Williamson’s ‘abusive’ treatment of 2020 campaign staff, revealed” by writer Lauren Egan.

Egan subtitled her article, “The self-help guru, who is running for president again, was emotionally and verbally abusive to staff, according to interviews with former employees.”

Egan revealed, “Those interviewed say the best-selling author and spiritual adviser subjected her employees to unpredictable, explosive episodes of anger. They said Williamson could be cruel and demeaning to her staff and that her behavior went far beyond the typical stress of a grueling presidential cycle.”

Politico reported, “Williamson would throw her phone at staffers, according to three of those former staffers. Her outbursts could be so loud that two former aides recounted at least four occasions when hotel staff knocked on her door to check on the situation. In one instance, Williamson got so angry about the logistics of a campaign trip to South Carolina that she felt was poorly planned that she pounded a car door until her hand started to swell, according to four former staffers. Ultimately, she had to go to an urgent care facility, they said. All 12 former staffers interviewed recalled instances where Williamson would scream at people until they started to cry.”

The information in Egan’s piece reportedly came from 12 individuals who worked for Williamson during her 2020 presidential run.

One former staffer said, “It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage. It was traumatic. And the experience, in the end, was terrifying.”

Another staffer accused Williamson of getting “caught in these vicious emotional loops where she would yell and scream hysterically.” The staffer reported Williamson’s irate behavior was often “for no legitimate reason.”

Williamson has denied all the allegations against her and characterized them as “slanderous.”

Politico reported that she did, however, discuss and expound upon some of the details within the article through an email exchange with the media outlet.