Oprah Rejects Romney’s Unity Ticket Claims In New Biography

Oprah Winfrey denies a recent assertion by Senator Mitt Romney in his latest biography. A representative for Winfrey informed sources that, contrary to claims in the book, Winfrey had no intentions of pursuing a presidential bid in 2020 and never broached the subject of Romney joining her on a potential ticket.

The spokesperson states, “In November 2019, Ms. Winfrey called Senator Romney to encourage him to run on an Independent ticket. She was not calling to be part of the ticket and was never considering running herself.” Oprah is an independent voter. She has stated in the past, “I don’t want any party, and I don’t want any kind of partisan influence telling me what decisions I get to make for myself.”

Romney, a Republican hailing from Utah, recalls the media tycoon’s phone call in McKay Coppins’ forthcoming book, “Romney: A Reckoning.” In the book, Romney, a Republican from Utah, recalls receiving a call from Winfrey, a Democrat, claiming that they should form a unity ticket “to save the country.”

Winfrey’s foray into politics is well-documented. She maintains a close friendship with Barack and Michelle Obama. She has not only endorsed the former president but has conducted multiple interviews with both of them, including a recent Netflix special.

In the 2020 Pennsylvania Senate race, Winfrey endorsed John Fetterman over his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, who rose to fame through frequent appearances on her daytime talk show and the subsequent launch of his program.

Though Winfrey has been the subject of political speculation in the past, Romney’s assertion garnered attention due to the implication of a more serious political ambition.

In a political landscape where fact and faction is often blurred, Oprah Winfrey’s persistent denial of any 2020 presidential aspirations and her clarification regarding Senator Mitt Romney’s inclusion in a potential ticket carries significant weight.

This instance serves as a reminder of the need for clarity in political discourse. It also reinforces the importance of questioning the credibility of claims in a climate ripe for political intrigue. While Oprah Winfrey remains a notable figure, her spokesperson clarified Winfrey focuses on advocacy rather than candidacy.