Oklahoma Bolsters Border Defense In Absence Of Federal Action

Amid the federal government’s lukewarm and failing approach to border control, Oklahoma’s Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) is making a bold, decisive stand. He pledged this week to dispatch Oklahoma’s National Guard troops to the southern border, joining 12 other Republican states answering Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s call for help in fortifying U.S.-Mexico border security.

Oklahoma, though over 800 miles from the border, is committed to the cause. This decision is emblematic of Stitt’s governance style, putting Oklahoma’s and the nation’s best interests first. “Republican governors continue to step up to the plate when President Biden refuses to lead; and by deploying our brave National Guard Troops, we’re sending a strong message that we remain dedicated to defending our borders and upholding law and order in our nation,” Stitt stated.

The Democratic administration’s open border policies have long been a cause for concern. Notably, following the cessation of Trump-era Title 42, an expulsion order that resulted in over 2 million migrant expulsions, the southern border has seen a substantial rise in illegal migrant crossings. President Biden’s answer was to deploy a meager 1,500 troops – a move many saw as a mere drop in the bucket given the escalating crisis.

While Oklahoma might not be geographically close to the border, the state is familiar with issues of border security. Stitt joined 22 other Republican governors last year to create a Border Strike Force, a united effort to deter illegal border crossings. Oklahoma’s proactive involvement in border security issues attests to its commitment to upholding law and order, a value it shares with other Republican states.

The situation at the border is indeed a crisis. U.S. Border Patrol facilities report record-high detainments driven by people fleeing violence and poverty globally. A robust response to this crisis is required. Yet, President Biden seems to have abandoned his constitutional duty to safeguard the border, enabling the relentless influx of illegal migrants into the country.

Oklahoma and the twelve other Republican states stepping up to provide aid signify a communal response to this dereliction of duty. Moreover, their united efforts will boost Operation Lone Star, Governor Abbott’s border security mission, supplementing the 1,305 National Guardsmen and 231 law enforcement personnel committed to the task.

In an era when the federal government seems unwilling to lead, it falls to states like Oklahoma to make tough decisions and put the nation’s interests first. Stitt and his fellow Republican governors aren’t afraid to stand up and take charge, further underlining the Biden administration’s failure in this crisis.