Musk Warns World War III Is Increasingly Likely

Amid threats from China, America’s proxy war with Russia via Ukraine, and unrest across the Middle East, a growing number of people seem to believe we are headed toward another global conflict — with the Biden administration in the driver’s seat.

One prominent figure who recently sounded off on the possibility of World War III was billionaire Elon Musk. He hosted an online event this week on X, the social media platform he purchased last year when it was called Twitter, and outlined some of the events and trends that he believes are amplifying the risk.

For starters, Musk cited the comparative advantage that nations, including China and Russia, have compared to the United States regarding the production and export of raw materials and finished goods. The two countries are joining forces “in an axis of immense power against the West,” he said, which puts the entire world at risk.

“It’s frankly a perfect match from a war standpoint,” Musk added.

Referencing the “civilizational risk” that could result from a full-fledged China-Russia partnership, he called for the “normalization of relations” between the U.S. and Russia and a peaceable resolution of the war in Ukraine.

“I think we are sleepwalking into World War III,” Musk opined. “Really, people should be deeply reflective.”

His remarks echoed concerns expressed by former President Donald Trump earlier this year.

“Joe Biden is needlessly and dangerously leading us into World War III, which would be a nightmare beyond imagination — obliteration,” the 2024 GOP presidential primary front-runner said in July. “We must stop this insanity, immediately end the bloodshed in Ukraine, and return to a focus on America’s vital interests.”

Musk noted that few people alive today remember the challenges and incalculable loss associated with a global war, asserting that modern generations across the West have been “coddled” and sheltered from the harsh realities of such inescapable conflict.

That could soon change, he warned, and this time, the U.S. is not in a position to exert its might for good on the world stage.

“We could have absolutely subjugated anyone,” Musk said of the U.S. military at the end of World War II. “And yet, did we do that? No. In fact, we helped rebuild Japan. We helped rebuild Europe. And I think that’s sort of the greater good.”