Musk Declares Advocates For Genocide Will Be Deplatformed

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk declared that anyone advocating for genocide on X, formerly Twitter will be deplatformed. This edict came after the Biden White House accused the billionaire of spreading “antisemitic and racist hate.”

The rush among leftist political leaders and their mainstream media partners to deplatform and destroy Musk continues unabated.

Musk stated, “At the risk of stating the obvious, anyone advocating the genocide of any group will be suspended from this platform.”

He reiterated his earlier stance that euphemisms such as “from the river to the sea” to “decolonization” imply genocide, and these statements will not be tolerated on X.

Musk called such language “clear calls for extreme violence.”

The Anti-Defamation League and other liberal mouthpieces have attacked the entrepreneur since his acquisition of X. Their push to boycott the platform only increased with the outset of the Israel-Hamas war.

An exchange on X earlier in the week landed Musk in some hot water. Commenters went back and forth over antisemitic claims, and one who goes by “The Artist Formerly Known as Eric” made an accusation that the businessman agreed with.

He wrote, “Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against Whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”

The poster went on to explain that many of the migrants flooding Western countries “don’t exactly like” the Jewish populations of these nations. This was clearly demonstrated by the hordes pouring out into the streets in recent weeks showing their support for Hamas terrorists.

In response, Musk on Wednesday wrote, “You have said the actual truth.”

Among the first to pile onto the X owner was CNN’s Jake Tapper. He posted a screenshot of the social media exchange and accused Musk of “pushing unvarnished antisemitism at a time of rising antisemitism and violence against Jews.”

These baseless accusations led to even more companies pulling their advertising from X. That, of course, is the bottom line for Tapper and so many other leftist critics.

Musk does not play ball with the liberal globalist establishment, and that made him the enemy. His only crime is noting that many who push for unrestricted mass migration do so at their own risk.

The truth of that position is hardly debatable given the uprising of anti-Israel forces across the West. But it runs counter to the leftist narrative and must be suppressed.