Mitt Romney Shows His True Colors During CBS Interview

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who has established himself as one of the fiercest anti-Trumpers in Congress, recently showed his true colors during an interview, where he said that he’d rather vote for Democrats than former President Donald Trump or biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

Romey appeared for an interview with CBS host Norah O’Donnell, where he said he would be “happy to support any one of the Republicans,” except Ramaswamy and Trump.

“I’d be happy to vote for a number of Democrats too. I mean, would be an upgrade from, in my opinion, from Donald Trump and perhaps also from Joe Biden,” the Utah congressman added, as reported by the Post Millennial.

Despite President Joe Biden solely leading America into disarray since taking office, Romney said he’s actually taken a liking for the president.

“I find him very a very charming, engaging person,” he continued. “In some places, I agree with him, but in most places, I disagree with him. I think he has made all sorts of mistakes.”

“I would like to see someone else run,” Romney concluded.

Romney’s hatred for Trump has been blatantly displayed for years. In 2019 and 2020, the Utah lawmaker was one of very few Republicans who chose to impeach the then-president based on bogus accusations.

With Trump’s influence ever-growing in national politics, Romney felt it wise to announce that he would not seek reelection for his Senate seat. “The next generation of leaders must take America to the next stage of global leadership,” he said in September 2023.

Moments before announcing he would not seek another bid for the Senate, Romney told the Washington Post that his decision was influenced by several factors, including his age and the possibility that “we’re going to have either Trump or Biden as our next president.”

“Biden is unable to lead on important issues and Trump is unwilling to lead on important matters,” he added.

Trump called Romney’s decision to sit out in 2024 “Fantastic news for America, the great state of Utah, and for the Republican Party,” adding that “Mitt Romney, sometimes referred to as Pierre Delecto, will not be seeking a second term in the US Senate, where he did not serve with distinction.”