Leftist Network Subtly Removes Anti-Israel Anchors

MSNBC has been very busy in the days following Hamas’ brutal invasion against Israel. The network has taken precautionary steps to remove its anti-Israel anchors.

Such a move comes after Hamas mercilessly murdered thousands of Israelis and 29 Americans. Of course, MSNBC doesn’t want to be seen as terrorist sympathizers, so the outlet decides to remove its anti-Israel anchors before it’s too late.

Hamas’ viciousness has been on full display since Oct. 7, 2023, when the terrorist organization paraglided into Israeli territory.

Despite the organization’s barbaric actions, rallies have been held in their support in places such as London and New York. Interestingly, a Nazi flag was spotted at a pro-Hamas rally in New York that took place on Oct. 8, 2023. A protester on the side of terrorism was seen holding a Nazi flag toward a camera.

Of course, the Nazi flag is a vile symbol representing former German dictator Adolf Hitler’s persecution and murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust.

MSNBC has employed such individuals who support Hamas’ actions. The outlet recently sent home three Muslim broadcasters “amid America’s wave of sympathy for Israeli terror victims.”

The three broadcasters, Ali Velshi, Ayman Mohyeldin, and Medhi Hasan used to work as staffers for Al-Jazeera.

Mohyeldin has spread many lies on air, including one involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he said the prime minister leads “the most far, extremist, Jewish nationalist government that it has existed.”

“What are you going to do? Are you going to re-occupy the Gaza Strip? Repopulate it with settlements? Are you going in there to try to kill every Hamas leader?” Mohyeldin added.

Someone should explain to Mohyeldin that it was Hamas who invaded Israel and not the other way around. It was Israel who had the decency of warning Palestinians in the Gaza Strip it would soon launch a ground operation in the area.

When Hamas launched its invasion of Israel, Velshi, too, tried making excuses for Hamas by speaking to Israel’s “inhumane treatment” of Palestine after the Holy Land retaliated against the terrorists, as reported by Fox News.

Like Velshi and Mohyeldin, Hasan went on social media, where he shared a post condemning potential “Israeli war crimes” in response to Hamas’ ruthless attacks, according to Mediaite.

After the sidelining of the three anti-Israel broadcasters, NBCUniversal Executive Vice President of Communications, Stephen Labaton, released a statement regarding MSNBC’s continued coverage of the Israel-Hamas war, per Newsmax.

“We have and will continue to cover the barbaric terrorist attacks on defenseless civilians in Israel last weekend and the tragic war it has provoked thoroughly and in all their dimensions,” Labaton said.