Judge Rules Trump Stays On The Presidential Ballot

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) ruled on Tuesday that she is not able to prohibit former President Donald Trump from being on the primary ballot based sheerly on a new interpretation of a clause in a Civil War-era amendment.

Michigan Court of Claims Judge James Robert Redford ruled that — under Michigan law — Benson is required to list every candidate in the presidential race on the primary ballot. Redford’s ruling could cripple several lawsuits that are pursuing use of the 14th Amendment as a means to prevent Trump from being on the ballot.

Trump’s legal team asserts Section 3 of the amendment — known as the “Insurrection Clause” — has traditionally been interpreted to mean former Confederates cannot serve in government positions. Redford was firm in his ruling that Congress is the only body with authority to decide whether Trump’s role in the Jan. 6, 2021 incident should cost him a place in the election.

Redford also said the authority to determine how to apply Section 3 of the 14th Amendment also lies with Congress, citing Section 4 of the amendment as giving Congress the “power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this article.” The Supreme Court has never ruled on Section 3 before, which leaves the door open for interpretation in the eyes of Trump’s enemies.

The House has already impeached Trump twice over. The first time, the Senate acquitted him for his involvement in the Jan. 6 proceedings. Still, there has never been a resolution as to whether Trump is guilty of insurrection. Many conservatives argue that’s because he’s not — and that the powers united against him know it.

Trump’s attorneys argue the Jan. 6 catastrophe was incorrectly labeled an insurrection, consistently asserting that he is not responsible for the actions of others. They also claim the 14th Amendment bears no effect on any president since the role is not outlined in the text.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung stated, “While the Trump campaign welcomes these dismissals in Michigan and anticipates the future dismissals of the other 14th Amendment cases, we are most focused on once again winning the great state of Michigan and the re-election of President Trump next year.”