DOJ Aide Dodges GOP’s Biden Probe Questions

Delaware Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf was once a central figure in the federal investigations involving Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden. Wolf showed a striking reluctance to discuss details of the alleged investigations during a recent House Judiciary Committee deposition. Her sworn testimony was essentially one long denial to answer questions openly and symbolizes the general narrative of bureaucratic obstruction the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has given House Republicans throughout this year.

Wolf recently resigned from her position with the DOJ. During her deposition, she said almost 80 times that she had a “lack of authorization” from the DOJ to answer direct questions about her alleged role in impeding the investigations into the Biden family.

Wolf’s failure to provide critical information during her deposition became more controversial when a letter from the DOJ to Wolf was discovered. The letter provided Wolf with express instructions on refusing to provide answers in her sworn testimony. The overall tone of the letter gave Wolf instructions to maintain a veil of ambiguity over her involvement in the Biden family probe.

House Republicans have been vocal about their concerns over Wolf’s testimony and the instructions provided to her by the DOJ. However, whether the committee has any plans to remedy the situation remains unknown.

The testimony of IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler adds weight to the concerns about Wolf’s refusal to engage with substantive answers, as they stated that Wolf was directly involved in the DOJ’s mission to keep Joe Biden’s name out of the investigations. The IRS whistleblowers also provided evidence that Wolf gave advance notice of investigative matters to Hunter Biden’s legal team.

Wolf was allegedly in charge of several specific directives in the Biden family investigation, including instructions to exclude Joe Biden’s name from a Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) related search warrant and barring any questions about the “big guy” or “dad” in the investigations.

As Wolf dodged all substantive questions in her deposition, she parroted DOJ talking points, asserting that partisanship did not influence the investigation. She refused to acknowledge that she had been assigned the lead role in the Biden family probe. That tactic was also described in her instructional letter from the DOJ.

The DOJ’s silence in response to requests for comments on Wolf’s testimony adds to the air of mystery and skepticism. The need for transparency and accountability becomes more urgent with every refusal to answer and each allegation of preferential treatment.