Dershowitz Says Political Bias Against Trump From Georgia Jury Is Obvious

Famous American attorney Alan Dershowitz joined Newsmax for a broadcast on Thursday, telling the outlet that the now-infamous Georgia grand jury forewoman seen giggling during interviews pertaining to a trial against former President Donald Trump may have done American service for revealing the partisan “horrors” at play.

“If the television interviews would not have taken place, we would not know how bad this was,” Dershowitz explained on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Record With Greta Van Susteren.”

Dershowitz, who has reportedly stated he is a liberal Democrat that plans to vote against Trump in 2024, claims the former president will be exonerated on appeal should Fulton County’s district attorney attempt an indictment.

“The big issue is whether or not a person can be indicted for having said to the secretary of state, ‘find 11,780 votes’ — find,” Dershowitz said during his appearance. “No court of appeals, no appellate court would ever uphold a conviction based on that alone.

“Find has a meaning. Look in the dictionary. It means something’s been lost and you have to find it. It doesn’t mean something’s been invented or created,” he continued.

“So, the idea of going after a president based on an off-the-cuff statement, ‘find me 11,780 votes,’ cannot possibly be the basis for a criminal prosecution in any just system.”

Dershowitz clarified that there still could be an indictment before adding that he believes the prosecutor is pushing his personal politics rather than pursuing justice.

“This prosecutor seems to be a part of what I call the ‘Get Trump Movement’: Stop him from running at all costs, the Constitution be damned, justice be damned, precedents be damned, dignity of the grand jury be damned… As long as you get Trump, everything is justified, because that is a higher cause and a higher duty.”

He additionally stated that this phenomenon is present not just in Georgia, but also in Washington, New York, and even “many other parts of the country.”

The well-known American lawyer joined Newsmax for a separate appearance earlier this month in which he decried censorship by AT&T DirecTV, arguing, “Let the viewers decide what they want to watch, not some corporate suits.”