Democratic Sheriff Candidate Claims Victory With One-Vote Advantage

While many on the left have downplayed concerns about voter fraud in recent years, it remains clear that there are many razor-thin election results that can be changed with the manipulation of just a handful of votes.

In Louisiana, for example, the sheriff’s race in the parish of Caddo could be decided by just one ballot.

According to reports, unofficial results from the recent election found that Democratic candidate Henry Whitehorn emerged victorious with one more vote in his favor than Republican rival John Nickelson.

Although neither candidate has suggested any sort of election interference, Nickelson immediately called for a hand recount of all in-person and absentee ballots — as well as a review of rejected ballots — cast in the runoff race held on Saturday.

Along with a call to the parish clerk to start the recount process, he sent a cashier’s check for $1,200 to cover the associated cost.

Nickelson shared his letter on social media alongside a post expressing gratitude for his supporters in the election.

“A single vote reportedly separates me from my opponent in the unofficial returns: 1 of 43,241,” he wrote. “This extraordinarily narrow margin — a difference of .00002 — absolutely requires a hand recount to protect the integrity of our democratic process and to ensure we respect the will of the people. I have requested that recount, and the law requires it to occur next Monday, November 27, 2023.”

For his part, however, Whitehorn is describing his one-vote advantage as a mandate from local voters.

“I’m feeling grateful, actually, just grateful for all the folks that did get out and vote,” he said. We had a 28% turnout, but I’m grateful I came out victorious with one vote. It’s like we tell people all the time: Every vote counts. I’m thankful that the results are what they are, and I believe they will stay as they are.”

The Democrat went on to express his confidence that “everything was done proper,” suggesting that a recount might actually add to his microscopic electoral lead.

“I’m looking forward to working with the current administration and, as we move forward, with the other law enforcement partners in this area such as the Shreveport Police Department, the federal agencies, state police, the district attorney’s office, and the courts to make sure we’ve got a handle on what we need to do,” Whitehorn concluded.