Biden Will Combat Illegal Immigration If Ukraine Receives Funding

It appears that the Biden administration’s top priority is Ukraine, not America, considering that it is willing to secure the southern border only if House Republicans approve additional funding for the European nation.

It shouldn’t come to this for the president to tackle the immigration crisis.

President Joe Biden should be willing to secure the southern border, which is currently in shambles because of his lax border policies.

The White House introduced a $105 billion funding package in October 2023 for Ukraine and Israel, as both countries seek to defend themselves after being invaded. The aid would have allocated $61 billion to the Holy Land and the rest to Ukraine.

After the White House introduced their funding package, House Republicans came up with their version, which would send the Jewish State $14 billion, derived from the Internal Revenue System’s (IRS) hefty supply of funds.

Given the lack of consensus on the aid packages, the White House appears willing to finally do something about the ever-growing crisis at the southern border, sources told Politico.

A former Biden administration official told Politico that the White House’s openness to combatting illegal immigration in exchange for Ukraine aid “was a huge substantive risk and political one.”

“It could get ugly,” the former official told the outlet.

House Republicans recently passed their $14 billion aid package for Israel in a vote of 226-196. Should the bill follow suit in the Senate, the Department of Defense (DOD) will be provided funds to replace equipment previously provided to Israel as military aid, according to the Daily Caller.

Since Biden took office, the U.S. has been embroiled in an unprecedented immigration crisis, with cities such as Chicago and New York being hit the most by the issue. Biden, who has allowed the crisis to unfold for three years, is now open to tackling it if Ukraine is given billions of more dollars.

In fact, the issue has gotten so out of hand in cities across America that leftist mayors have pleaded with the Biden administration to do something about the immigration crisis.

“It’s pretty hard to ignore when both parties in Congress, the White House and mayors from major cities all agree that there needs to be resources and changes with regard to how we manage migration,” a former administration official told Politico.

“But where it quickly breaks down is what does that look like? And what are the specific policy changes?” the official added.