California Plagued By Illegal Immigrants Arriving By Boats Weekly

While the nation closely watches Texas’ southern border gets invaded by thousands of illegal immigrants hopping over razor wire and crossing the Rio Grande, it is easy to forget that other states are also under attack. California has illegal immigrants sneaking into the country by boat weekly.

Jorge Ventura Media posted a video on X Thursday showing a group of illegal immigrants reaching the shore of a La Jolla, California beach. Once on land, the group can be shown entering vehicles and running through the neighborhoods.

According to an eyewitness, there were around 30 illegal immigrants on the boat, consisting of men, women, and children.

What’s more disturbing is that sirens can be heard, and a patrol car is spotted as the illegals cross the street right in front of the vehicle. A young child can be seen stopping in the middle of the street and then being pulled toward a residential neighborhood.

It is not uncommon for illegal immigrants to get into the U.S. via California by boat. About 90 minutes before the La Jolla incident, a boat carrying illegals split in half off Sunset Cliffs. At least five people were able to make it ashore, according to Border Patrol.

Last month, another video circulated showing another group of illegal immigrants climbing from their panga boat and walking on the shore of a beach in Malibu that is close to Hollywood homes.

According to The Malibu Times, panga boats are high-bowed vessels usually used to smuggle people or drugs.

The sad reality is that this has become the norm in California. In each incident, no one was detained.

Many have speculated the increase of illegals entering the state has something to do with California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) left-wing policies. Beginning this year, illegal immigrants are now able to collect on free healthcare in California, the first state to create such a policy.

If this policy wasn’t outrageous enough, illegal immigrants in the state can also receive gender reassignment surgery, all at the taxpayers’ expense.

Unlike Texas, California welcomes illegal immigrants and shows no effort in deterring them. Perhaps Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will start busing illegals to California next.