Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes Celebrates Defunding Police

DefundPolice.org is a radical anti-police activist group that wants to eliminate funding for essential police services and abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). And this organization was just commended by Mandela Barnes for their “Astounding Work.” Doing what exactly?

When your government is against its citizen’s safety and rewarding groups that harm your communities, your problems multiply.

Wisconsin Democrats lauded a group to support the liberal movement behind defunding police. Similar initiatives in the recent election in Minneapolis, MN, in early November, but they do not seem to learn their lesson.

Mandela Barnes is a Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s Senate race in 2022. He commended a liberal charity for its “astonishing work” to undermine police and nullify US immigration laws by protecting illegal aliens.

Mandela Barnes was the keynote speaker at the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) “Hold Our Power Strategy Launch.” He said that he was proud of the gains made by anti-police groups in Wisconsin and across the country. CPD is a community-organizing social justice activist network that is the focal point of undermining police. It also has promoted radical immigration reforms that will decriminalize crossing the border, help individuals in the country illegally stay here, and allow a massive influx of immigrants in the future.

CPD coordinated many protests to defund the police in 2020. They promoted neighborhood policies to police administrators in liberal urban areas to cut their police budgets. In addition, the CPD demanded that the teachers and principals of state-funded schools refuse to return to class until they eliminate safety officers on campuses. In many cases, police on school property is the only thing that prevents violence and school shootings like what occurred in Oakland, MI, this week.

The CPD supports DefundPolice.org. This website coordinates anti-police activism.

Barnes believes that, like many Democrats, cities are overpoliced, and police departments should be defunded. He seems to think that removing law enforcement laws will not be broken. Or at least fewer criminal acts will be prosecuted, resulting in less incarceration. The problem is putting criminals in jail instead of criminals committing crimes if reducing prison for minor offenses requires a different approach.

Republicans hammered Barnes for being weak on crime prevention and excessively liberal. According to a Suffolk University survey, 29% of Milwaukee support defunding police, and 62% feel more secure with more police. Wisconsin is trending in the same direction for the 2022 midterm election as much of the country.

Milwaukee supports its police. But the CPD is pushing the issue, stating that there is no equity until we can defund police. CPD president Jennifer Epps-Addison referred to police as private security for white supremacy. She believes that the Black Lives Matter movement supports the defunding of the police.

In October, a CPD ratcheted up provocative actions when a Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) recorded Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ.) in an Arizona State University restroom. CPD coordinated protests outside of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin’s (WV) houseboat. It has received almost $11 million from the George Soros founded Open Society Foundations. Pamela Shifman works for the OSF and supported these strategies and tactics to “save democracy.”

It is obviously a coordinated effort to thwart democracy, and anytime liberals claim to do the opposite, they deliberately mislead the public.