Who Are ‘The Lowest Rated’ Politicians In 2021?

A new Gallup survey taken between December 1 and 16 based on a sample of Americans rated 11 public figures. These politicians were judged based on Americans’ endorsement of their strategies, positions, and abilities. The Gallup poll did not include former President Donald Trump, who would have probably been rated higher than any other politician given the disasters this last year.

Liberal House Speaker Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) were among the lawmakers who got the lowest ratings.

The most terrible politician of 2021 was “The Turtle” Mitch McConnell. Mitch got a poor rating from 34% of American respondents. He received a dissatisfied rating from 63% of Americans.

Four Democrats were rated as poor. The Democrat legislators with meager endorsement ratings were the party leaders. Pelosi had a favorable rating from 40% of Americans. But 58% objected to how she is taking care of her work.

Democrat anti-President Joe Biden had a favorable rating of 43% of Americans surveyed. It would appear that those people who believe that tanking our economy is a good idea were happy with the senior and feeble sock puppet occupying the White House. Significantly, his dissatisfaction rating from 51% of Americans means that most people in the country do not approve of his job performance or the direction he leads this country. That direction is best described as driving off of a cliff.

The illustrious Vice President Kamala Harris was fourth on the rundown. She had a 44% approval rating, 1% better than her boss. It would seem like it now or never for Kamala to make her move to replace Joe Biden. However, more people rated her poorly, with 54% of Americans disapproving of her job performance, but she doesn’t mind the hate.

Next up, Senate Leader and Democrat Chuck Schumer (NY) has a 44% approval rating and 53% disapproval rating. Schumer seems to be much higher rated than Pelosi, Biden, or Harris, but that is just because he has not slammed his mug in front of the camera as much lately as he once did.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) had an approval rating of 46% and a disapproval rating of 49%, which he considers a success. It must be because he likes to fade into the background of our political discourse and rarely takes a stand on anything important yet seems to enable the Democrats in Congress.

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was also included in the survey of political figures. He was assigned to The Supreme Court of the United States by previous President George W. Bush has undermined the Republican Party platform ever since. Roberts has become the most reliably liberal swing vote when needed by liberals. But for some reason, 60% of Americans surveyed said that they supported how Roberts is dealing with his work. And just 34% said they disapproved of his efforts to rewrite unconstitutional laws like ObamaCare.

Also, the survey included Dr. Anthony Fauci, the overseer of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Feuer of the Fearmongering and Propaganda. He got an endorsement rating of 52% and a dissatisfaction rating of 47%. This mixed reaction probably stems from Americans believing that doctors should be objective and caring. But by the end of 2022, more will wake up to the Faucian Bargain and his failures.