White House Endorses “Gender Transitioning” for Children

A war on children rages on in America today.

The Democratic Party has made it clear they believe children belong to the government, not their parents. Democrats are on record stating that parents aren’t the clients of school systems and shouldn’t be giving feedback to school boards about what their kids are learning.

Unfortunately, the left-wing war against children does not stop there. Democrats are now saying that children should be able to undergo permanent “gender transitioning” procedures.

As documented by Red State, this is now the official position of the White House.

Biden on Transgenderism and Children

Earlier this week, the president gave a speech that involved some very specific rhetoric about parents and how they should deal with children who believe they are transgender.

According to Biden, parents have a duty to “affirm” the “gender identity” to which their children believe they belong. This argument is regularly used by people who support the idea of children taking hormones or undergoing medical procedures that will permanently affect their bodies, mental health and reproductive abilities.

As sensible Americans know, no child has the capacity to make such a life-altering decision.

During Biden’s remarks, he claims that transgender children are loved and accepted. He never once mentioned “de-transitioners” during his speech. Despite the inconvenience that de-transitioners pose to the far-left narrative on gender, people who underwent gender transitioning therapies, and deeply regretted it later, are very real.

It’s also worth noting that many de-transitioners are shamed by the far-left when they try to speak out and share their experiences.

A Call to Action for Parents

Between the push for child transgenderism and the agenda to force parents out of the education of their children, it’s more important than ever for parents to be vigilant.

Over the years, there’s been a rise in parents beginning to homeschool their kids. And it’s easy to see why. For years, the public school systems have been plagued with real problems. Yet, the pushes for critical race theory, explicit material in lesson plans and now child transgenderism really takes things a bridge too far.

There’s no telling how far Democrats plan to take their war on children. Already, leftists are moving to oppose legislation that blocks children from taking hormones that stop their natural and biological growth through puberty.

The White House’s endorsement of “gender transitioning” for children must be checked. To borrow a phrase from the media: this is not normal.