White House Continues War on the Unvaccinated

The consistent war waged against unvaccinated Americans by the White House is juvenile, not based in science, and borderline sociopathic.

Prior to the Supreme Court shutting down Biden’s attempted nationwide COVID-19 vaccine mandate, he went all in to make life miserable for the unvaccinated. The president tried to force businesses across the United States to either make their employees get vaccinated or fire them.

Biden never once considered why some folks might not want the COVID vaccine. For all of the Democrats’ talk about what a nice guy Biden is, he certainly hasn’t shown much kindness towards Americans who disagree with him on COVID vaccines.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling that this president doesn’t have the power to make businesses impose vaccines upon their employees, the White House is still finding ways to show its disdain toward the unvaccinated.

According to Life Site News, an upcoming White House event hosted by first lady Jill Biden bans unvaccinated attendees from eating or consuming drinks.

A Deep Dive into the First Lady’s Upcoming Event

Biden’s reception at the White House will involve various members of Congress gathering together and socializing with one another. However, the fine print of this event is far less friendly than it may appear on the surface.

The first lady determined that the only attendees who may go maskless at the reception are those who have gotten their COVID vaccines.

Unvaccinated attendees are not only barred from eating and drinking, but they also have to keep their face coverings on at all times, along with staying six feet away from others.

On multiple occasions, the White House has claimed the decisions and guidance it puts out are in keeping with “the science.”

The Truth About the War on the Unvaccinated

Allowing vaccinated folks at the reception to forgo masks, while mandating the unvaccinated to keep their masks on is not rooted in science.

For starters, COVID is an airborne virus with the ability to get through face masks, get past COVID vaccines and travel even further than the six feet of spacing the White House is requiring the unvaccinated to maintain from others. The guidelines for the first lady’s White House event are rooted in the false premise that COVID vaccines provide protection from contracting new strains of the virus.

If COVID vaccines were truly able to protect those who receive them, vaccinated people would be free from getting COVID and/or spreading it to others. Of course, this is not the case.

These new White House rules are not about keeping anyone safe or about taking sensible health precautions. They’re about punishing anyone who won’t bow down and do what the almighty nanny state demands of them.