When Will Kamala Harris Make Her Move?

Early on, Joe Biden mistakenly called his and anti-presidency the Harris administration. He knows something we do not.

Democrats are supposedly getting tired of VP Kamala Harris. Many Clinton Democrats are attempting to clean up the mess after Grandpa Biden spilled his presidency. But the Squad and radicals in the party could care less about optics, polls, trends, and elections. None of that matters to them. They crave the raw power of the federal government being used to push an agenda that will lock in their demographic and political advantage for generations.

Many media pundits think that Kamala Harris was being set up as a scapegoat for Biden. But, like it or not, Harris has a future. Biden is all washed up. Therefore, the smart money would bank on the Obama-backed Harris attempting a soft internal coup to oust Joe from the big seat. It only makes sense, and Sleepy Joe was a placeholder in the first place.

Press secretary for Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, is not shocked about how this maladministration is not working out. She thinks that Kamala Harris is a horrendous individual, and it is complicated to feel terrible for her. She energetically acknowledged that her ticket into the Oval Office occupation is taking out the sitting president.

A feeble president is not capable of defending his position from an attack by his second in command. The only question left is from what direction will it come?

Does Harris use the 25th Amendment? This threat was leveled at Donald Trump numerous times. Media attacks on his sanity are only put in context when you consider the media’s efforts to hide the decline of Joe Biden. Dementia-riddled gaffe machine is not just an insult. Sleepy Joe Biden is more dangerous than simply a grandfather who needs a nap. If most of the cabinet agreed with Harris, Biden, not Trump, could be the first president removed under the 25th Amendment.

Will Harris leak intel to a compliant press? She has already shown a bent toward underhanded dirty dealing, just like her boss. Expect the media and reporters closest to the Obama inner circle to start getting valuable drops.

Do we have to endure an impeachment trial by feckless Republicans? It is the master plan. Democrats will have a contingency for Republicans taking over in 2024. The Plan, as Kamala would put it, induces using Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy to impeach Biden and allow Harris to slide into the White House. It would be designed to generate the greatest sympathy for Harris and the greatest outrage against Republicans. The coup de grace would allow Biden to be booted and somehow make Harris the victim and misogynist and racist attacks by MAGA Trumpist, White supremacists, and School Board terrorists.

Biden and Harris are in a stand-off. Only one of them will take the fall for the failures of this Democrat Party. Christina Pushaw is just the latest person to point out that the emperor and empresses have no clothes. It is like a nudist colony of lying monarchs in a sad parable of national decline. Even if outlets like CNN and Politico try to cover it up.

Things at the White House are getting hairy. The long knives are out, and Harris is capable of a fight. She’s been trained to take out her political rivals, especially her party.