What Biden’s “Temper Tantrum” Over The Senate Filibuster Really Means

At this very moment, Joe Biden is chomping at the bit to deliver a death blow to the Senate filibuster. The 46th President is seething over the reality that the GOP minority in Congress presently has a say in what legislation passes.

In light of this, the 46th President had joined the mob of hypocritical Democrats who are now blasting the filibuster, despite using the filibuster for years when it suited their political agendas.

Earlier this week, Biden traveled to Georgia and had a temper tantrum over the existence of the Senate filibuster. Biden made clear he wants the filibuster out of the way so that Democrats can pass bills that federalize state-level elections, ban voter ID laws, and otherwise pave the way to rampant fraud.

However, no matter how much Biden stomps his feet and hisses, it doesn’t guarantee the demise of the filibuster, as PJ Media documents.

For Biden to get his way on axing the Senate filibuster, he’d need 50 senators plus the tie-breaking vote of Kamala Harris to make this happen.

Right now, all 50 Senate Republicans oppose the takedown of the Senate filibuster, as do Senate Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. With 52 senators opposed to ending the filibuster and 48 senators in favor, Biden doesn’t stand a chance of getting his way.

As Democrats sense the impending political doom for their party, they’re pulling out all the cards. Manchin has been getting calls from Oprah Winfrey and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to end the filibuster.

Thus far, Manchin hasn’t indicated any support for doing away with the filibuster. The West Virginia lawmaker is also on record declaring that eroding the filibuster would serve a severe blow to democracy.

Earlier this month, when he was again asked about his views on removing the filibuster, Manchin described the matter as a “heavy lift.”

Democrats are spreading the egregious falsehood that the filibuster’s demise is imperative to save democracy in the leftist quest to shred the Senate filibuster.

This lie falls under the same umbrella of Democrats classifying their elections takeover legislation as “voting rights.” Despite what Biden, Harris, and other leftists want Americans to believe, America already has voting rights.

The reality is Democrats know they’re going to lose the House and the Senate later this year. Therefore, they see passing elections and takeover legislation as the best means of cheating in elections to come. However, the only way Democrats can pass these crooked bills is by ripping the Senate filibuster to shreds.