We Need A Leader Who Has The ‘Guts To Stand Up’ To The Kremlin

Joe Biden’s economic half-measures will not be enough to repel a full-fledged military invasion. But it’s even more insulting when we consider how frequently Biden posed on the campaign trail as John Wayne, the steely-eyed strong guy who could take on Vladimir Putin.

Joe Biden has despised and distrusted Vladimir Putin for more than two decades, even alleging the Russian lacked a soul. But, over the last year, Biden has attempted several times to persuade the steely-eyed strongman. Biden asked Putin in June to quit his years-long war against Ukraine and stop hacking the US. Biden cautioned Putin earlier this month that reinvading Ukraine would cause tremendous human misery and harm Russia’s position.

Joe Biden will meet Vladimir Putin face to face for the first time as president. In 2001, Bush described Putin as “very direct and trustworthy.” Biden claimed to have informed Putin at the time that he didn’t believe the Russian had a soul. Officials in the United States and friends outside the government believe there is no way to avoid dealing with Russia, no matter how unpleasant it is.

Moreover, some of Biden’s political opponents have questioned his choice to meet with Putin at all. Biden has stated that he wants a “solid and predictable” relationship with Russia. Foreign policy, according to Biden, is an extension of personal connections. According to those who know him, he does not like everyone he has a connection with. In 2004, Biden signed a letter accusing George W. Bush of treason. In 2006, he questioned Russia’s membership in the Group of Eight. At the Munich Security Conference, Biden advocated for a “reset” in US-Russia relations only a few weeks after assuming office.

Critics have slammed the “reset” strategy as utterly naive. Officials in the Obama Administration, though, maintain that the plan made sense at the time. Russia was governed by President Dmitry Medvedev, who looked to have more leeway and more open temperament than Putin. Biden expressed broad optimism about the US-Russia relationship to a Russian university. Over the years, the United States and Russia have had several reasons to distrust one another.

Therefore McFaul, who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia under the Obama Administration, claims this is because he has spent time in nations threatened by Russia. Biden visited Ukraine and Georgia just months after calling for a “reset” with Russia in 2009. Fighting corruption is a critical national security issue for the United States, and Biden has prioritized it.