Washington Post Imposes Layoffs As Leftist Media Slide Continues

The Washington Post this week joined the avalanche of liberal news outlets that are shedding workers amid steep declines in readers and viewers. Whether it’s CNN cutting its abrasive talking heads or the Post handing out pink slips, the ranks of leftist journalists are noticeably thinning.

This era will not be looked back on as the “good old days” for the mainstream media.

A letter was distributed to Post employees announcing the newspaper will slash 20 newsroom positions. Another 30 that are currently open will not be filled.

Not only are there now 50 slots that will remain empty, but the outlet’s Executive Editor Sally Buzbee revealed that its gaming vertical “Launcher” and KidsPost projects are being canceled. Launcher was the Post’s effort to gain a foothold in video game journalism.

One reporter expressed her outrage at the business moves. Katie Mettler, who covers crime and court cases, tweeted that the layoffs of her friends and colleagues “did not need to happen.” She called the moves “unnecessary” and “wrong” before claiming “we’re better than this.”

Mettler then changed her online banner to a sign that demanded a “diverse, inclusive, and fair Washington Post.”

That’s an interesting request, considering the Post trumpets all things Democratic as being good for the country. The paper loves to fact-check Republicans at every turn, but investigative journalism suddenly takes the back seat when it comes to the current White House.

Of course, this is also the same paper that sat on the Hunter Biden laptop story while sending out social media reporter Taylor Lorenz to dangerously dox the Libs of TikTok creator.

Consumers vote with their dollars, and as this Jeff Bezos-owned entity is rapidly discovering, advertising dollars follow consumers. If there are not enough eyeballs turned toward your product, funding sources wither on the vine, and jobs are inevitably lost.

That is the dilemma facing the leftist shills in the mainstream media. Precious few want to be exposed to their opinions masquerading as serious news. If the Washington Post, CNN, and others turned their attention to reporting facts, they might just find a way back to profitability.