Washington DC’s Mayor ‘Ends’ COVID Mandates And It Shows Who Is ‘In Charge’ Of COVID Rules

On Monday morning, Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, DC, abruptly reversed her position on the city’s COVID-19 lockup restrictions. The edict exposed the money-soaked intersection of politics, power, and American COVID-19 policy in its speed and in who is spared and who it did not.

The announcement was made after a public outcry from private company owners facing the third year of devastation and sorrow, sparing them. It arrived on the eve of the policies’ most severe consequences for essential stakeholders, and it saved them but not the city’s pupils. There is no lobby for them. Similarly, there is no lobby for them.

The Mayor’s decision to end vaccination requirements and phase out specific mask requirements came just a week after influential DC Restaurateur Dan Simons publicly complained on Twitter that the federal city had become an unwelcoming place, where politics had trumped tolerance for those who disagreed with vaccine mandates. He claimed that the current atmosphere prevented students from understanding vital history in the state and pushing business to Maryland and Virginia.

Moreover, the restaurant industry in the District of Columbia has shrunk by 59 percent since January 2019. Noe Landini, the Managing Director and CEO of REX Management, which runs restaurants and pubs around the region, joined Simons.

After refusing to comply with the mask or vaccination regulations, Big Board became a celebrity. The government has forcibly shuttered it in the two weeks since it took up its position. Landini had openly opposed the program but was compelled to cooperate when DC threatened severe consequences if he did not. Simons’ choice to back down saved his companies from the fury of the local authorities, but it cost one eatery money.

Furthermore, the Mayor of Washington rescind an order mandating restaurant and healthcare employees to vaccinate their staff against HPV on Feb. 14, the day before the enforcement of two immunization doses went into effect on a single day’s notice. Due to this change, more than 55 percent of the city’s Black citizens would have been denied access to indoor meals, exercise, and entertainment.

Teachers’ unions insist on masking despite years of evidence that it is harmful to children’s academic and social development. In support of the policy, videos, and photos of abuse, weeping, and insanity have flooded social media. Children in America have no organized representation in politics, and as a result, they have suffered the most. Parents have the power to alter this, and no amount of howling from labor unions will be able to stop them. They don’t have a choice, and their students rely on them.