‘War Is Power’: Tucker Carlson’s Astute Take On Ukraine

In a provocative Tuesday evening episode of “Tucker on Twitter,” renowned commentator Tucker Carlson put forth a thought-provoking argument: The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the United States’ involvement is primarily driven by the thirst for power among politicians.

Carlson highlighted the recent remarks of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who raised the prospect of canceling elections due to the escalating war. Despite this, Carlson noted with a critical edge, the Biden administration and bipartisan Congress members continue to back Zelenskyy under the guise of “safeguarding democracy.”

“They understand it differently. They know that war means power, mostly for them,” Carlson argued, exposing the harsh reality of political gamesmanship that often accompanies such conflicts. Indeed, history is rife with instances of civil liberties being sidelined during times of war.

But Carlson’s analysis continued further. He drew our attention toward Joe Biden’s troubled relationship with his son, Hunter Biden. Regarding whistleblowers’ allegations concerning the President’s involvement in his son’s business affairs with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Carlson shrewdly noted the media’s generous portrayal of the story as a testament to a “father’s love.”

Despite the challenges he faces at home, Biden’s staunch support for Ukraine still stands. Carlson went so far as to suggest that Biden’s unwavering support for Zelenskyy was in part due to the power he wields during wartime, which can be used to justify virtually any course of action.

In a further twist, Carlson spotlighted California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) as the emerging contender in the potential void in Democratic leadership. He observed Newsom’s similarities to Biden and his knack for political flattery, painting a picture of a man well-equipped for the ruthless and transactional world of politics.

The network Carlson was formerly associated with, Fox News, also faces its share of upheaval. Since his departure in April, the channel has witnessed a slump in ratings and has been forced to recalibrate its prime-time lineup. The network is leaning on personalities like Jesse Watters, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Greg Gutfeld, hoping to salvage its viewership and maintain its place as a leading conservative news outlet.

Even though his contract bars him from hosting a competing show until 2025, Carlson continues to voice his distinctive insights via his new venture, “Tucker on Twitter.” Fox News has issued a cease and desist order, but the maneuver seems unlikely to silence Carlson.

Carlson’s analysis is an indictment of the current administration’s handling of the Ukraine crisis and a critique of a broader political climate marked by using the human tragedy of war as a crass means to power. Tucker’s argument resonates with America First conservatives, urging citizens to question the narratives presented to us and inviting us to examine the machinations of raw power at work.