Voting Legislation, African American Leaders And Joe Biden

The danger of a lower turnout of black Americans at the polls is a big concern for Joe Biden. In 2022 and especially in 2024, a two or three-point reduction in black voter support for Democrats may be the difference between victory and defeat for dozens of incumbents. The party’s most faithful and dependable voting bloc has threatened to withdraw its full support for Biden unless he passes voting reforms. These improvements had been promised to the black citizens of the US by the black leaders, who intended to deliver them by whatever means necessary.

Any mention of a filibuster “exception” is nonsensical. There’s nothing here that says an exception can’t be used again once it’s been used. For academics, journalists, and regular citizens alike, the power of a minority to delay legislative progress in the Senate pervades their conception of discourse and engagement in Congress. The sense of urgency among African-American leaders is evident. Strict voting integrity rules are being passed in an increasing number of Republican states, which Democrats claim “undermine democracy.” It’s arguable if requiring a valid ID to vote or requiring that absentee votes be signed by the persons who obtained them “destabilizes democracy.”

Not all modifications to voting procedures proposed by the GOP are essential or acceptable. However, claiming that the measures will disenfranchise black voters and harm democracy. That’s just political nonsense that has nothing to do with the objective or practicality of voter protection measures.

These facts cannot be put in front of Biden and the Democrats because it would shatter their storyline. Democrats and their friends among black activists must conjure up the ghost of Jim Crow to instill fear and frenzy in the black community and keep black voters away from the polls.