Vimeo Takes Down Documentary Showing Negative Impact Of Transgenderism

Popular video hosting website Vimeo took down a documentary showcasing the negative impact of transgender ideology on the three families whose children were identified as transgender.

Vimeo claimed in a statement that it took the video, titled “Dead Name,” down because it violates its terms of service that prohibits discriminatory and hateful content.


“We strive to enforce these policies objectively and consistently across our platform,” Vimeo said in the statement. “Vimeo has notified the account owner and all purchases have been refunded.”

Filmmaker and director of the documentary Taylor Reece told Fox News Digital that she was “very disappointed” in Vimeo and that Vimeo’s decision to take down the documentary was a result of a pressure campaign.

“There are two main issues here,” Reece said. “One is the censorship, which is really concerning, and the other is the issue itself, which has got to be discussed. It has to be. They can keep trying to suppress it, but ultimately it has to be discussed.”

Reece maintained that the documentary had no hate speech and said that the film did not hew to any particular religion or political identity. She added that she interviewed over 100 parents while making the film. The documentary took an in-depth look at the lives of three families whose children began struggling with their gender identity at the age of 4, 15 and 18.

Reece claims that the documentary focused on the “pain and anguish” parents and families of transgender children go through.

“By the time they become adults, they’ve been on these medications for a long time, and they’re likely to remain on these medications,” she said of the children. “So my concern about this issue is that the route to this medical intervention was too unchecked, too unscrutinized, and certainly not discussed in a national way. We’ve not had a substantive discussion about it until recently.”