US’s Only Muslim-Majority Town Bans Pride Flag

The only Muslim-majority town in the U.S., Hamtramck, Michigan, struck a blow for freedom and common sense on Tuesday when its council voted unanimously to prohibit Pride flags from being flown on public property.

Both Muslims and Christians clapped and cheered in the City Hall when the decision was finalized.

The Detroit Free Press reported that leaders in the town just outside of Detroit also applied the measure to any flags promoting groups for religious, ethnic, racial, political, or gender orientation purposes.

Mayor Pro Tem Mohammed Hassan explained that “only the American flag and the nations’ flags that represent the international character of our city shall be flown.” He stressed that Hamtramck wished to remain neutral towards its residents.

Hassan said that his goal was to “serve everybody equally with no discrimination but without favoritism.”

Neutrality is not the goal of LGBT activists, who instead demand that their lifestyle choices be celebrated by all.

The meeting was interrupted by a lesbian couple who stood up and displayed a banner before kissing in front of the audience. Many in attendance closed their eyes and began praying during the display.

One of the duo was wearing a red clown nose.

A transgender speaker told the city leaders “it is clear that you are either ignorant, hateful, and or spiteful.” Another protester declared, “This is a historic moment when the basic rights of the LGBT community [are] under attack.”

Many others, however, expressed their support for the city’s action. Hassan Aoun, an activist from Dearborn, said that he is Lebanese and supports the American flag.

He explained that “we are not going to sit here and tolerate you guys coming and saying, ‘Oh, it’s Pride Month. You’re gay? No problem.’ Don’t sit here and throw it down kids’ throat, my throat, or anybody’s throat.”

Another described the fact that such actions are a sin “the elephant in the room, the thing that we are not talking about.”

There is nationwide controversy over the aggressive promotion of Pride Month, and Michigan certainly has its share. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s mansion in Lansing currently flies the gay rights and transgender flags over the front door.