US Military Facing Serious Recruitment Issues

Having a healthy and robust military is vital to the national security of the United States.

Knowing the American military is in the best position to stand up for and defend this nation helps many people sleep well at night. It also plays a role in preserving what many veterans and deceased members of the Armed Forces fought for.

With all the currently existing geopolitical tensions, having a strong US military has never been more imperative. Unfortunately, this is coming under attack at the worst time possible.

As it turns out, there’s not a single branch in the US military that isn’t having problems when it comes to recruitment levels.

A Deep Dive into the US Military’s Struggles With Recruitments
Across the board, the military’s running into issues as far as meeting this year’s annual recruitment objectives. Data shows that many young people across the country aren’t even eligible to serve in their country. Meanwhile, fewer young people (9%) actually have the desire to serve.

The last time our nation’s military had this much trouble landing recruits was in 1973 after America departed from Vietnam.

To really drive home just how serious recruitment issues are, military leaders are warning this year may be the last that the military can feasibly run on a recruitment system of only volunteers.

57% of Americans believe serving in the military would lead to them struggling with mental or emotional issues later. Almost five in ten believe physical problems would follow them if they chose to serve.

The Major Elephant in the Room
Despite massive downturns in military recruitments, servicemembers have been getting booted out of the Armed Forces, due to not taking COVID-19 vaccines.

These removals are happening in spite of the fact that these vaccines cannot prevent servicemembers from catching this virus or passing it along.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 vaccine mandate has been highly controversial and pushed back upon by both military members and civilians who support them.

Some Americans already warned that if the military chose to stick with this mandate, recruitment levels would suffer and fewer people would be inclined to sign up in the first place. This now is happening in real time.

As the military discharges servicemembers over non-compliance with the vaccine mandate (amid low recruitment levels), this only serves to further weaken the military, leaving America more vulnerable by extension.