US Military Bases Sell Chinese-Made Smart Televisions

The U.S. government may be actively selling Chinese surveillance devices to military personnel in the form of smart televisions being directly manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The CCP has long been known for openly surveilling its own population through the use of smart technology and monitored web access. Citizens in China know that they are being watched each and every time they open an internet browser or turn on a smart tv.

Americans, on the other hand, value their privacy and the U.S. government has many laws in place to protect American citizens from having their personal information gathered by private companies or public entities.

The National Pulse, however, recently published an article showing that two Chinese government-owned television manufacturers, TCL and Hisense, are being sold on military bases and taken to the homes of private citizens.

The National Pulse contends, “Chinese-made smart televisions in the homes of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and their families, as well as millions of other Americans, could be collecting massive amounts of personal and technical data and transmitting it back to CCP affiliates in mainland China.”

A publication called “Natural News” reports that the acquisition of information by the Chinese government is not even a secret. In fact, “Openly-published privacy policies from the manufacturers themselves openly state the data to be collected, and what it can be used for. The Hisense Smart TV Privacy Policy, openly available on their website, states that the company transfers private user information directly to China. The same applies to the Hisense Smart Appliances Privacy Policy and the TCL Privacy Policy.”

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service as well as the Navy Exchange Service list as many as 25 different Hisense and TCL smart televisions on their website for purchase by military personnel and their family. These televisions are popular because of their low prices for the smart technology that they offer.

The problem is that they are only offered at low prices because the companies are state-owned and do not have to turn a profit because they are subsidized by the Chinese government. These subsidies allow the companies to provide cutthroat prices for high quality goods, many believe the cost is worth the information that the CCP is provided.