Unhinged Biden Boasts Dems Are ‘Changing People’s Lives’

President Joe Biden went on a blistering attack Tuesday to members of the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia, often raising his voice in visible anger. After loudly blasting “lies about reckless spending,” the president added to the unhinged rant by declaring “we are changing people’s lives.”

It’s tough to argue with him on that one. And ominously, he said the administration’s work is far from over.

The beleaguered president declared to the friendly gathering of about 2,000 that he continues to hunt down billionaires and corporations to pay their “fair share.” Biden has repeatedly called himself the “most pro-union president” in history.

As the country veers towards recession, many in the financial sector warn about a coming “economic storm.” Biden was having none of that as he lashed out at naysayers to the union gathering. He said that Wall Street did not build the nation, it was the middle class.

He punctuated the point by saying if investment bankers went on strike, few would even notice. The theme of class warfare then moved on to actual warfare.

The suddenly combative commander-in-chief rolled out the “Putin price hike” as an excuse for daily record highs at the gas pump. This completely ignores the almost immediate price hike from misguided actions the day he took office — not to mention soaring inflation long before the invasion.

Much of the economic damage wrought on the nation is self-inflicted. Drilling freezes, pipeline shutdowns, ridiculous spending, and none of these are Putin’s fault.

At another point in his sweeping speech, Biden reiterated his claim that his administration is responsible for the “greatest jobs recovery in history.” It’s a subtle flip of words that must be noted, because previously the outlandish boast was for job “creation.”

That, of course, was patently false.

The nation is still not back to where it stood in total nonfarm employees before the onset of the pandemic. There has been no creation, so now the word of choice is “recovery.”

Fair enough. But shutting down jobs and reopening them is hardly “recovering” them, just as ceasing the bombing of a target doesn’t suddenly make one a peacekeeper.

Yes, Mr. President, on one thing we are in full agreement. It is inarguable that the White House is changing people’s lives. Only, it’s not for the better.