Ukraine Is In A ‘Dangerous Spot’ As Now A ‘New Coup Plot’ Gets Uncovered

The United Kingdom claims to have uncovered a scheme to destabilize Ukraine’s present government and replace it with pro-Kremlin figures. The Foreign Office specified in a statement that “they have data that demonstrates the Russian government is at work to establish a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv while weighing whether to attack and conquer Ukraine.”

They mentioned an ex-lawmaker as Russia’s Prime Minister Candidate and alleged Russian intelligence ties to four former top officials who fled to Russia when their boss, then-President Viktor Yanukovych, was deposed in 2014. Russia has roughly 100,000 troops stationed on Ukraine’s border and has recently transferred planes and air defense equipment to Belarus.

The US is prepared to evacuate diplomats’ families in Ukraine as soon as Monday. It’s unclear how many Americans are in Ukraine, and at Friday’s press conference, the White House appeared oblivious to the subject and sounded annoyed that they were even asked. Jen Psaki stated they don’t know microchip individuals, which sounds eerily similar to what she said when Americans were left behind in Afghanistan.

Moreover, with a big miscalculation, Joe Biden ratcheted up the risk to Ukraine, implying that a “small incursion” wouldn’t be met with a rapid and brutal retaliation. He said there were splits inside NATO on the issue and that he believed Russia would win in the end. The White House described the newest evidence on a possible coup as “very alarming.”

The White House attempted to clean it up, but there’s no stopping Russia from hearing what he said. It’s no accident that Vladimir Putin didn’t escalate during President Donald Trump’s tenure. Obama and Biden set his actions.

Ukraine is not a part of NATO, but in 1994, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia offered Ukraine security guarantees to hand over its nuclear weapons. When Ukraine entered the world system as a non-nuclear state, the Budapest Memorandum was written. Signatories committed to “support Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and boundaries.” They also promised to seek action from the UN Security Council “if Ukraine is the victim of an act of aggression.”

When Obama was a junior senator in 2005, he was responsible for securing $48 million in US money to assist Ukraine in getting rid of many of its weapons. We not only persuaded them to get rid of them, but we also paid for it with our own money. They broadened the nuclear-weapons deal to encompass artillery, small arms, anti-aircraft weapons, and conventional ammunition.

When Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014, President Barack Obama left Ukraine swinging in the wind. He was hesitant to offer them deadly help to defend themselves after personally exposing them. And Trump was a puppet for Russia? The word “flexibility” comes to mind.