Ukraine Has Agreed To ‘Conduct Peace Talks’ After Russian Troops Get ‘Pushed Back’ From Kyiv Again

On his Telegram channel, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said he has agreed to conduct peace negotiations on Ukraine’s border with Belarus “without preconditions.” As requested by Russian President Vladimir Putin, he had previously declined to accept discussions in Belarus because the Ukrainian incursion commenced on Belarusan territory. Russian soldiers were held back from taking Kyiv for the third day in a row, as Russia’s military seemed to have lost impetus. The Russian army has infiltrated Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, and blown up a pipeline, potentially causing an “environmental disaster.”

Moreover, clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces occur closer to the city center than previously witnessed, implying a more extensive Russian advance into Kharkiv. Some Russian cars are shown burning in videos, while Ukrainian forces are plundering others. According to several sources, the Russian General Staff has directed local commanders in Ukraine to seize Kyiv by Monday.

Putin might be in a panic. The suspension of most Russian banks from the SWIFT money-transfer network will bring the Russian economy to a halt. He very definitely expected NATO to threaten to halt SWIFT but then back down. He may be reconsidering his decision now that he is confronted with disaster.

Furthermore, Ukraine’s defense minister wrote a combative statement on Facebook, criticizing the aggressors claiming to seize Kyiv in two hours. After suddenly ingesting poison, Zelenskyy will almost certainly meet with an unlucky “accident” or contract the “Putin Flu.” With Russia’s economy on the verge of collapse, Putin can only salvage face now by evicting Zelenskyy and his administration from Kyiv. He may then set up his puppet government, announce victory and return home.

European countries that were hesitant to give armaments to Ukraine before the Russian invasion have suddenly altered their minds. Despite being vastly outnumbered and outgunned, Ukraine is putting up a great fight. Anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles already delivered to Ukraine by the United Nations, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Baltic states have redressed the balance.