Uber Reports Hundreds of Violent Crimes Over Two-Year Period

In a shocking new report that reveals just how deeply violent crime is embedded in our society, ride-sharing giant Uber detailed alarming statistics for its service.

Uber reported 141 cases of rape among its U.S. ridership in 2020, a year otherwise dominated by pandemic restrictions and lockdowns. The total of rape reports fell from 247 in 2019, but the numbers explain why.

The company reported 1.4 billion ride-sharing trips in 2019 but only 650 million the following year as the nation struggled with COVID. Over the two-year period, Uber said there were 3,824 sexual assault incidents on its platform.

Drivers were the accused in 57% of the reports.

These are reported in categories ranging from “non-consensual kissing” to rapes. The previous bi-annual report, which covered 2017 and 2018 and was not affected by the pandemic, tallied 5,981 sexual assault reports.

The company noted that, besides the lower volume in 2020, it made safety investments and strengthened background checks for its drivers. Over 80,000 drivers were discharged from the service due to these checks that monitor for new criminal behavior.

Data in the 78-page report showed about 91% of the rape victims were Uber riders, and women were 81% of the victims. The percentage of male victims, however, nearly doubled from the previous biannual report.

Uber says 20 people were killed over the two-year period in assaults while using its service. Another 101 died in vehicle crashes, which came in 7% higher than the previous report but was still only roughly half of the national average.

A majority of the fatal crashes, Uber said, were caused by third-party drivers. The company said over 99.9% of its rides were completed without incident, and the incidence rate of rape is roughly one for every five million rides.

In a statement, Uber said every number that showed up in the data represented a “personal experience. Some of these involved “pain and loss that must be acknowledged.”

The company reiterated its investment into safety and new features to prevent violent incidents. Both Uber and chief competitor Lyft began compiling reports of violent incidents on their platforms after a 2018 CNN investigation into the dangers of using the services.