Two California Teachers Changed A 12yo Student’s Gender Without Telling Her Mom

Sarah D. at Twitchy posted a Twitter video Thursday of a mom at presumably a school board meeting, with this caption:

“THREAD: 2 teachers at a California school reportedly coached a 12-year old into a trans identity behind her parent’s back. The school also changed her name and pronouns without informing the parents. It was the mom’s speech tonight:”

There’s more the tweet thread continues:

“According to reports, the school summoned the parents for a meeting in which they informed them that their daughter is transgender. The teacher then reported them to CPS because they did not use the ‘proper’ name and pronouns.”

As the Twitchy writer pointed out:

“As one mother pointed out, the behavior of these teachers had potentially fatal repercussions. In her daughter’s case, documentation of a potentially fatal allergy to bees was not included in the documents for her ‘new’ identification.”

It is Brandon’s America. And Hillary’s America that many people were grateful Trump saved us from five years ago. Some kind of bizarre, Marxist campus human resources department idiocracy, where they practice modern science and medicine.

Where public school teachers undertake confidential counseling with 12-year-olds about their gender identity after “secretly ID’ing” them as trans, geeze, why did Sarah D. have to use the enemy’s language to describe what these California teachers are alleged to have done?

Do you know what this gender identity coaching is like? That and the critical race theory nonsense, all of that stuff it’s like that UK student who went to the Jan 6 protests and caught a federal charge and was sentenced to a month in jail Friday.

After climbing through a broken window of the Capitol Building, she posted online, “Infamy is just as good as fame.” She wasn’t a political person, didn’t vote in the election, just some frat kid or something that got caught up in all this political craziness.
It is like that, like the Capitol Hill rioter, but they didn’t make it to the protest for whatever reason, maybe didn’t even hear about it, but it’s the same person just on a different timeline, and she just got to someone’s kid in a public school instead.