Twitter is Onboarding a Shocking Number of Former FBI Agents

For years on end, Twitter’s been repeatedly called out for the levels of censorship it disseminates throughout its website, notably against conservatives.

Twitter and other Big Tech companies generally deny they’re censoring people. However, various leaked video recordings of Twitter staffers admitting they’re against free speech tell a different story.

Meanwhile, amid censorship on Twitter and other platforms, the Biden administration has been demanding for social media sites to tighten their restrictions on Americans’ speech.

White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy even said social media companies should censor people who reject the president’s energy and climate change policies.

Coincidentally, it’s recently come out that Twitter is onboarding a fair amount of FBI agents onto its team.

Why Are So Many FBI Agents Joining Twitter?
Within the past several years, Twitter’s been bringing FBI agents on board to work for the company’s content, safety, trust, and security fields.

Generally, the FBI is regarded as an agency that focuses on domestic security and intelligence matters. Nevertheless, the agents joining Twitter are reportedly doing so for the purpose of combating cybercrime.

In 2020 alone, Twitter revealed that it worked with the FBI in determining to delete accounts allegedly “disrupting” talks about the 2020 presidential race. Twitter also claimed these accounts were traced all the way back to Iran.

This news comes as Twitter is also ramping up its levels of misinformation warnings and account suspensions. However, many things flagged by online fact-checkers as misinformation have later been proven to be accurate.

One example of this is the now settled fact that COVID vaccines aren’t able to save vaccinated people from becoming sick with COVID or getting other people sick.

Growing Distrust of Twitter
Word of Twitter getting FBI agents on its payroll hasn’t been very welcome by many Americans.

Due to Twitter’s well-established patterns of censorship and treating conservatives differently than leftists, there are reservations about what all Twitter may do with the FBI at its disposal.

Abuse of power is not out of the question. Americans could possibly find themselves being further penalized for their online speech or even getting legally jammed up on questionable grounds.

At this time, there’s no clear limit as to how far Twitter could go with the power of the FBI to work with. However, growing left-wing calls for social media companies can hardly be viewed as coincidental, all things considered.