Twitter Critics Up In Arms Over Depiction Of Assault Rifle In New “Star Wars” Series

A new chapter from the “Star Wars” cinematic universe will soon be streaming on Disney+, but not all fans of the franchise are excited about the series.

When production company Lucasfilm released a sneak peek of “Andor,” a number of social media users were disappointed by the depiction of a particular firearm. Whether based on opposition to violent imagery or the belief that a gun resembling an AK-47 belongs in “a galaxy far, far away.”

One fan tweeted that “Star Wars” weapons have traditionally been highly modified versions of actual weapons, opining that “it’s funny that the Andor propmaster looked at an AK-47 and said ‘no notes.’”

“Andor,” which is scheduled to premier next month on Disney’s streaming service, is not the first addition to the “Star Wars” canon that has rubbed longtime fans the wrong way. Since Disney gained control of the characters and existing films, the company has been churning out an increasing number of new titles, many of which have proven far less popular than the original trilogies.

The recent series “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” for example, has been criticized for an uninspired narrative and unconvincing visual effects.

In addition to objective complaints about the latest installments, conservatives might find reason to disapprove of the general tone of “Andor.” According to one of the series’ actors, the underlying message includes a thinly veiled statement on the political rise of former President Donald Trump.

According to Fiona Shaw, filmmaker Tony Gilroy “has written a great, scurrilous [take] on the Trumpian world.”

The actor, who portrays Maarva in the new series, went on to complain that the “world is exploding in different places right now, people’s rights are disappearing, and Andor reflects that.”

She went on to reference perceived parallels between “the Empire taking over” in the streaming series and events happening in the real world. As one Twitter user noted, criticism from anti-gun activists could mean that the series won’t please progressives either.

“Isn’t it so heart warming when you see the left continuing to eat itself more and more?” the tweet continued. “Never gets old.”

Earlier this year, left-wing comedian Bill Maher criticized his fellow liberals in Hollywood for speaking out against guns everywhere except in film and television plots.

“Hollywood is the wokest place on earth, but when it comes to romanticizing gun violence, crickets,” he said.