Turner: Biden Became ‘Serial Classified Document Hoarder’

Friday’s discovery of a fourth trove of classified documents held by President Joe Biden points towards a much larger issue with the chief executive. That’s the word from the man who will potentially head the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH).

Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Turner noted that some of the documents date back to Biden’s time as a senator. Calling the discovery “amazing,” Turner stated the president has now become “a serial classified document hoarder.”

The FBI conducted what was termed a “consensual” search of the president’s Delaware home on Friday. Agents reportedly located six additional items with classified markings and gathered some of Biden’s personal notes in the 13-hour search.

The Bureau did not identify the exact nature of the documents seized. The president was not at home during the search, according to a White House attorney.

But Rep. Turner is far from satisfied with the results. He questioned why anyone would keep these materials if not “to show them to somebody.” He further wondered who Biden exposed them to.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Turner if the fact that the Justice Department conducted a search signaled anything to the congressman. He replied “absolutely” before adding that the case now looks “more like a cover-up than an investigation.”

The congressman made a pointed reference to the federal government’s actions in the case of former President Donald Trump and classified documents found at his Florida home.

Turner clarified that “we wouldn’t have this issue if it hadn’t been for Biden’s attorney general…making the decision to raid former President Trump’s house.”

Brennan asked Turner if he had proof that Biden was “hoarding” documents with the intentions of taking classified materials with him. The representative then correctly pointed out that the documents “didn’t fly to his home without him.”

He also stated that establishing a clear chain of custody of the papers is critical to the investigation.

The White House and its mainstream media allies are having an increasingly tough time explaining away the president’s erratic behavior concerning the classified documents. It is now on the House to investigate the many issues swirling around the scandal and find the truth.