Tudor Dixon Fires Back At Stephen Colbert

Republican Tudor Dixon is running for governor of Michigan and in addition to incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), she is battling with the progressive corporate media. Dixon took on leftist television host Stephen Colbert this week regarding his smarmy fake apology for defaming one of her supporters, Muslim school parent Khalil Othman.

In a debate with Whitmer last month, Dixon described a father who approached her to explain why he left the Democratic Party to support her campaign. He told her about finding a book in his son’s school library that provided explicit instructions on “how to have sex.”

Colbert used his late-night CBS platform the next day to mock Dixon and Othman by claiming Othman and his situation had been “totally made up.”

The Detroit Free Press thereafter confirmed in a report that Othman in fact exists and did attend the rally in the manner Dixon described.

In his Thursday evening broadcast, Colbert issued an apology, telling Othman that he acknowledges that “he exists.” Then he went on to insult him while further mocking his plight and the Dixon campaign.

He said, “It is a terrible thing for someone to deny your very existence, just ask trans people.” He added in a mocking tone that Othman has the right to “pack up his toys and go off in a huff to support an election-denying, transphobic, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist,” he said.

Dixon responded to the fake apology in a column she wrote for the Daily Mail. She said that if you “dare to speak up and say that you object to sexualized content in school libraries – you are an anti-trans bigot to Stephen Colbert, who can’t even bring himself to offer a sincere apology to Khalil.”

Dixon added that she is running on behalf of parents who have come crying and asking her to help to “bring our communities back.” She said Colber would do well to visit some real Americans to learn that “they aren’t a punchline.”

She concluded her column by saying the election is about “Khalil and other parents who are fighting for their kids” and adding: “Khalil and his community will get the last laugh this election at the expense of Gretchen Whitmer and Stephen Colbert.”

Dixon has been closing the gap against Whitmer in recent polling, and RealClearPolitics now projects that she will unseat the incumbent on Election Day.