Tucker Suggests Apple And US Media Are In Accord With Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Tyranny

Tucker Carlson of Fox News took a bite out of Apple and U.S. media on Tuesday on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, blasting the two for covertly aiding the current protests in China.

His nightly monologue highlighted some little-known facts about Apple’s ties and support of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the deafening silence of the media on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s tank rollout in response to the protests against his zero-COVID lockdowns.

Hundreds have taken to the streets in protest of the lockdowns in eight major cities. Tensions escalated after 10 people died in a fire in the Chinese city of Urumqi. The victims were not able to escape the fire because of the lockdowns which have literally locked buildings from the outside to contain citizens.

Tucker called out the media for its silence on the escalations and asked viewers to, “Imagine that Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán put tanks into Budapest to crush his political opponents. Would our media notice?” He argued that it would be a front-page story in the New York Times.

He went on to ask how it’s possible that not one major outlet in America noticed what had happened despite China being our main global rival and having the largest economy in the world. “Could it be that the American news media is covering for the government of China? We can’t say. We’ll let you make the call on that,” he suggested.

Arguably more disturbing than the media’s silence is the inexplicit assistance of “American” company Apple to the Chinese government in suppressing the Chinese citizens by taking away their ability to use the feature Airdrop on an iPhone which helped them communicate with each other.

Tucker didn’t mince any words when he said, “Apple is now an active collaborator with China’s murderous police state. When tanks roll into a Chinese city, Apple is rooting for the tanks.”

As Chinese citizens are demanding freedom and calling for the President and the CCP to step down, the world is looking to the West for a response.

U.S. leaders have been quick to say they support freedom of demonstration but have been mostly silent on the quickly-rising tensions happening under Jinping and the CCP. If we were to take a lesson from Tiananmen Square in 1989, we would remember that we severely underestimated the brutality of the Chinese leaders at that time.