Tucker, O’Reilly Steal Spotlight From Fox GOP Debate

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is once more challenging his former network, releasing an online interview simultaneously with the second Republican presidential primary debate, which had its lowest viewership since 2015.

In what many have described as a lackluster GOP debate hosted by Fox News, two of the network’s former prominent figures, Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly, engaged in a candid one-hour discussion.

This conversation, which made its debut on X, formerly known as Twitter — has already garnered an impressive 17.1 million views in less than 24 hours. It covered a range of topics, including O’Reilly’s departure from Fox in 2017, his highly successful “Killing” book series, the notion of demonic possession, and the assassination of JFK.

However, the most pivotal aspect of their conversation revolved around the current state of the United States. O’Reilly didn’t mince words when he proclaimed, “We’re in the Age of Disorder now,” attributing this turbulent era to the Progressive Movement.

He asserted that President Joe Biden is experiencing cognitive decline, which suits the Progressives because it allows those behind the scenes to manipulate him as they please. One of the most contentious issues discussed was the open-border policy, which O’Reilly vehemently criticized as “insane.”

He pointed to the tragic consequences of this policy, including the fentanyl crisis and the destabilization of cities like El Paso, Texas. O’Reilly emphasized that this goes against immigration law, but the Biden administration is unwilling to enforce it, driven by the Progressive agenda.

He also noted that George Soros’s advocacy for open borders exceeds even former President Barack Obama’s stance. Regarding taxation, O’Reilly argued that heavy taxation strips individuals of power and wealth, ultimately benefiting the Progressive Movement. O’Reilly insisted that the nation is indeed in the Age of Disorder, and this turmoil is pervasive.

To counter this disorder, O’Reilly stressed the importance of a “snapback” and discussed the potential role of former President Donald Trump. O’Reilly expressed confidence that Trump would not be prevented from running for office and dismissed the likelihood of his imprisonment, even if convicted.

He argued that no charges against Trump would warrant prison, and the Supreme Court would likely rule in favor of home confinement if needed. O’Reilly believed that Trump, if elected, had the capacity to halt the Age of Disorder, particularly through executive orders. He suggested that closing the border temporarily would be a decisive step in this direction.

O’Reilly concluded by highlighting Trump’s unpopularity in Washington, D.C., which he attributed to the former president’s lack of respect for the elite establishment. He believes Trump’s disregard for the status quo sets him apart, and explains why he is such a polarizing figure in the nation’s capital.