Tucker Carlson’s Departure Leaves Fox News Ratings Reeling

The recent firing of Tucker Carlson, Fox News’s top-rated prime-time host, has left the network scrambling as it faces plummeting ratings and backlash from devoted viewers. Carlson, who many saw as a fearless voice in the conservative media, was let go without warning, causing shockwaves throughout the TV news industry. After his departure, Fox News’ prime-time ratings have significantly declined, and competing network Newsmax has seen a considerable boost.

Fox News has provided no explanation for Carlson’s sudden ouster, with many speculating that it may be related to the network’s $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. Others have attributed the decision to the increasing instability of Fox News shot-caller Rupert Murdoch, who is now 92 years old.

As Fox News struggles to find a replacement for its top-rated star, the network has seen a steep drop in viewership. “Fox News Tonight,” the temporary replacement for Carlson’s time slot, has attracted only 1.7 million nightly viewers this week, a staggering 47% decrease compared to the 3.2 million viewers “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged in the first quarter of 2023. This rating decline has also extended to other Fox News shows, with “Hannity” and “The Ingraham Angle” experiencing drops this week of 20% and 12%, respectively.

In contrast, rival network Newsmax is benefiting from the discontent of Carlson’s fans. “Eric Bolling The Balance” saw a fivefold increase in viewership in the 8 p.m. Eastern hour. At the same time, other Newsmax programs such as “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” “Prime News,” and “Greg Kelly Reports” all experienced doubled audiences.

The situation has been further exacerbated by Geraldo Rivera, a liberal Fox News personality who took to Twitter to criticize Carlson, stating that his January 6 “conspiracy theory” was “bulls***.” This comment was met with widespread disapproval, with many Twitter users calling Rivera a “loser” and urging him to reflect on his actions.

As Fox News grapples with the fallout from Carlson’s departure, the network faces the challenge of regaining viewership and addressing the apparent dissatisfaction among its audience. One potential solution is to move fan-favorite Jesse Watters into Carlson’s time slot. Still, only time will tell if this change can mend the damage done.

Ultimately, the ousting of Tucker Carlson has left a void in Fox News that the network is struggling to fill while competitors like Newsmax capitalize on the situation. With Fox News’ ratings in free fall, it’s clear that Carlson’s fearless voice and willingness to speak truth to power resonated with viewers who now feel abandoned by the network’s controversial decision.